May 28, 2019 | Latest News

Let’s sell your house in a flash!

Selling your home? There are things you can do to help make this happen quickly!

Here are a few easy steps:

  1. Take a step back and try see your home from an outsider’s eyes!
    • Replace anything that is broken, the small things can make a huge difference, that wonky light fitting that you have been meaning to fix… now is the time. A fresh coat of paint does wonders and updating aspects that are very outdated;
    • However, it is important not to make improvements or introduce colours that are extremely specific to a certain taste. Not everyone wants a home gym or built-in bar. It is best to stay neutral and make improvements that will appeal to the greatest number of people.
  1. Make your home a blank canvas

When it comes to decorating – as far as possible strive to offer “a blank canvas” that a potential buyer can imagine their own style and taste being imposed – less is more.

    • De cluttering is a very important aspect of this. Apart from anything else it does make a room/house appear to be more spacious.
    • Again, focus on a neutral decorating style – leaves the focus on what’s important – the home’s features.
  1. You are paying your estate agent, let them do their job.

 Leave the site visit to the agent. As far as possible get away from the house while an agent is showing a potential buyer, even if this means simply staying in the garden.

Here is why:

    • A buyer often feels awkward if the owner is in the house and may rush the visit rather than taking time to consider the details of the rooms and the house generally;
    • Buyers can feel that they are unable to ask the agent what may be construed as awkward questions in front of the owner;
    • They feel it inappropriate to discuss the faults of the house and possible remedies.
    • Buyers want to imagine themselves living in a home; this isn’t easy if they are constantly confronted with the seller.
  1. Try to take the emotion out of the sale. 
    Inevitably a home holds significant memories and associations. This can colour your view a bit;
    • Try not to take offense when suggestions are made as to how to “improve” the appeal of the house on a more general basis;
    • Be objective if you receive criticism from potential buyers (via the agent feedback) and consider whether there is merit in the comments.
  1. Last but not least, price your home correctly:

Pricing your home incorrectly can be disastrous… Your home won’t sell as quickly as it should, buyers will come in at a much lower price, causing disappointment, just to name a few issues.

Get a CMA (current market analysis) from your agent.
A CMA will give you an unbiased view as to the true market value of your property. It will include all the facts relating to comparable products that have sold or are on the market. It should have the following info: a geographical analysis, a comparable property analysis, an age analysis of how long these properties have been on the market and unique aspects pertaining to your property.

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