If you have ever considered taking up the challenge of photographing the night skies then there would be a few prerequisites….a passion that would see you through minus temperatures and extraordinary patience plus a very special camera and lens, plus some concerted practise to maximise your equipment. What you would get in return is some stunning images of a sky that most city dwellers hardly know exists, thanks to the lack of light pollution.

Brett Stevens tells the story of his venture into the game – he had a yearning passion to capture some of the
exceptionally amazing images out there so concentrated first on his equipment. There were a few trial and errors but eventually it was a CANON 6D with a 14mm/2,8lens that did the trick for him. Getting the exposure time and shutter speeds right becomes the next challenge – all way to complicated to go into the detail of here! But I do know that we are talking an hour or so!

Lynette Romano and some colleagues from the Benoni Camera Club recently, this now being mid winter… spent a whole weekend stalking the stars on a trip they called “Startrails”. The loved the combination of the spectacular surroundings plus the clear skies. Flasks of hot coffee, scarves, muffs and challenging their down jackets to the limit, they braved the freezing temperatures for hours on end but were rewarded with majestic “starscapes”.

Not a bad idea to wait until summer but definitely a whole new aspect to Dullstroom living.

Photo: Dullstroom Milkway, Photographer Brett Stevens
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