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What you need to know about building in Dullstroom!

Building on Country Estates around Dullstroom

The mere thought of building a house ANYWHERE is enough to make most people go cold! Much less a project 280 kilometers away. Fear not, it is very possible.

We have five local building contractors that have been working in the Dullstroom area for many years but several Jhb and Pta builders are now also ensconced, at Highland Gate Golf Estate particularly, and are all well established.

Country Estate building regulations are very specific to the particular estate and these builders would be familiar with the relevant regulations of the specific estates and so can guide you, but alternatively Zest is able to furnish the information.

It is very difficult to give an estimate of the building costs. They would not be dissimilar to the costs in the city. Where the labour in Dullstroom is more reasonable they are, generally speaking, not as skilled so take longer. Materials are a similar cost, obviously, but transport is a cost factor.

On balance, you can expect to be quoted between R 8,500 to R 9,500 for “good quality” finishes and anywhere up from that, for exclusive finishes.

For house plans, there are two local architects that can offer their services. All plans have to be submitted initially to the review board of the specific estate and to the Emakhazeni Municipality for approval. The Municipality takes four to six weeks to approve but they will not release the plans unless rates are entirely up to date! For the Municipality, there is a basic cost for submission plus a rate per square meter, it will cost anything between R 1 500 to R 2 500. The review boards of the Estates also charge for the approval process.

You are welcome to give us call if you would like advice or additional info.

Written by: Trish Kennedy – Property Consultant @ Zest Property Group, 082 330 3503, 013 254 0219, trish@zestpropertygroup.co.za

Builders contact details below:

Willoughby Bloem: 082 902 0978 | willoughbybloem@yahoo.com

Builders Force: Fred Sheriff  0796728821

GWT Property Holdings: Gustav Pretorius 0820200719

Junker Construction: Francois Jonker 0824147454

PBH Construction: Petrus Hlungwane 0828388313

Owner of PBH: Lawrence Muzame 0127712305

Pegasus Service Group: Denton Cass 0132461842

Phenix Construction: Kobus Marais 0829044657

Sezimbali Construction: George Minnaar 0824153540